Police meet with community members over coffee

Armed with a cup of coffee, Cpl. K.L. Hamrick of the Kings Mountain Police Department took time to talk to everyone who stopped by the Carolina Room at the Mauney Memorial Library Wednesday morning.

Coppers engage with community over cuppas

By collaborating with the Logan City Council we are able to address a number of personal safety and security concerns in the local community and identify areas for future Volunteers in Policing (VIP) and LCC deployments. “We also debunked a few myths about police in general and were able share a serious message about community safety in a fun and relaxed way.”

Coffee with a Cop

The launch of Wellington Police Service Area’s first Coffee with a Cop session was hailed as a success, as a patrons packed out a cafe in Gippsland Centre, Sale, to chat with local police.

Coffee with a Cop held in South Surrey

The “sensational media,” the inner-workings of the RCMP and the hazards of the job were some of the some topics discussed at the Coffee with a Copevent in South Surrey last Wednesday morning. In a series of events scattered throughout the city this week, RCMP invited every-day residents to meet with local officers to discuss, or ask questions about policing in the city.

Coffee with a Cop: Coming face-to-face with law enforcement

“We’ve had people that come in every single year, and we just sit down,” she continued. We talk to them about their families, about their grandchildren, things like that – it’s just getting to know each other, getting [the public] to realize that we’re human beings as well. And behind this badge, we’re just like everybody else.”

Sheriff Deputies build relationships at Coffee with a Cop

Most times when you come in contact with law enforcement, it’s a stressful situation. That’s why the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office spent the morning with the community for Coffee with a Cop at Dunn Brothers in Rapid City.