Coffee with a Cop is for Police Officers

A cup of coffee is a common bond. And, it can help officers build better relationships with the communities they serve.


Organizational Transformation

Coffee with a Cop removes the typical barriers that come between officers and residents. And it’s as beneficial for residents as it is for officers. Line level officers begin to see clearly the benefit of police-community collaboration and remember why they decided to put on the badge. The shift in attitudes helps transform an agency into a community-oriented policing organization.

How to Get Involved

Coffee with a Cop events are hosted by police departments across the country. See what other departments are doing and how to host an event in your area.

 > View videos of training events.  > Request a community policing workshop.

The Briefing Room

Explore the ins and outs of hosting Coffee with a Cop, from recommendations on selecting a time and location to techniques for prompting conversations.


Get Started

Resources & tools

Coffee with a Cop has developed materials to help departments successfully host their own Coffee with a Cop event. Enter your email address to receive resources.


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