Coffee With A Cop A Success In Newport

“I wanted to let them know how much I support them.” Debbie Vacca of Derby came to Newport City Wednesday morning to talk with local police officers during a Coffee With A Cop gathering at Brenda’s Home Cooking on Main Street.

Coffee with a Cop marks third year

“So far we’ve covered personal safety, like how to be aware of your surroundings, and what to do in worst the case scenario that someone breaks into your home,” Larrimore said. “We’ve touched traffic concerns people have in their neighborhoods, and police presence people want to have in their neighborhoods.”

Coos Bay hosts Coffee with a Cop

“We get so conditioned to respond to calls and respond to in-progress situations that this is a really cool shift where we can sit back and not be responding to something. Just sit back and listen to what people have to talk about,” Chapanar said.

Coffee with a cop

Asked what he’d specifically heard from the community Wednesday, Broady chuckled and said, “Well, the first guy asked me why the sky is blue!”

Coffee with a Cop in Roseville

“There were approximately 20 officers at the event this morning, including motorcycle units,” Allnutt said Wednesday. “We very much look forward to partnering with Roseville PD again on another event in the future and will be sure to loop you in when we can get something scheduled.”

Coffee with a Cop brings city leaders, residents together

“Any time you can just listen to the community is nice,” Barkalow said. “There’s a difference between this and a neighborhood watch where usually we have an agenda and things to talk about. Here, we just have things to listen to.”

Police brew goodwill with public over coffee

At Starbucks, police helped out employees behind the counter during the morning rush. They included Chief John Piper, who donned an apron and worked the drive-thru window. Barista Jeong Young Elwood said drive-thru customers got a kick out of seeing Piper, and young children liked the badge-shaped stickers police handed out.

Police chief aims to bolster community spirit

“Since I am a new chief, I thought it was important for me to come out here, meet with the public, mingle, find out their concerns, see their likes, their dislikes, what their thoughts are on what we’re doing,” Sherer said. “You can’t give them what they want if you don’t know what they’re looking for.”