Police were pleased to connect with the community

By Elspeth Kernebone, Bendigo Advertiser
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Constable Greg Broom chats with the Jacob, Corey, Linda and Heidi. Picture: GLENN DANIELS.Hargreaves Mall was packed on Tuesday morning with community members enjoying a coffee, courtesy of Victoria Police.

Bendigo’s very first ‘Coffee with a Cop’ was a chance for police to engage with community members in a relaxed environment.

Inspector Shane Brundell said the event was not only a chance to engage, but also to share the work police do.

Linda Larson of Eaglehawk had come to the Mall with her kids, whose eyes were caught by the police officers.

Kids Jacob, Corey and Heidi were all excited by the chance to ask the cops some questions about their work.

“It’s good, it gets them safety,” Ms Larson said.

They know they can go up to the police officers and talk to them, and they know they’re not scary people to go and talk to.”

“It’s about that exchange of information that benefits the community as much as it benefits us, but not in a formal setting,” Inspector Brundell said.

“Our normal day to day business revolves around crisis types events: people have been victims because they’ve been victims, or they’ve had property stolen from them.

“It’s not a crisis day today, it’s just an opportunity for us to engage on very casual terms and have a pretty good chat over a cup of coffee.”