Officers vs. omelet: New Bern Coffee with a Cop has unique twist

By Daisha Jones and Jason O. Boyd, WCTI
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Two police officers took the ultimate test on Wednesday.

It was man vs. food at the Sea Glass Cafe during New Bern Police’s Coffee with a Cop gathering. Lt. Derek Dubay and Ofc. Alyssa Liles brought their appetite and competitive spirit as they took on the 10-pound breakfast platter during the event.

The platter consisted of two pounds of meat, one pound of vegetables, one pound of cheese, two pounds of eggs and — in case that doesn’t sound like enough — add three pounds of has browns and six slices of toast. Dubay and Liles had 30 minutes to eat it all.

The two officers made a good dent in the monster challenge but, in the end, the omelet and platter proved to be too much for the pair. As you can imagine, they were pretty full, to say the least after eating seven pounds of food between the two of them.

“I feel sick, I feel disgusting,” Liles said with a smile. “But I’m OK. I didn’t throw up so we’re doing pretty good. We’re doing pretty good.”

So why did Dubay and Liles do it? They were raising money for a good cause. Sea Glass donated $500 to the New Bern Police Department, which then donated the money to the Police Special Olympics.