Lewis County Sheriff holds Coffee with a Cop

By Alex Hines, WBOY
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Both town officials and residents in Jane Lew met at the town’s fire department Thursday morning to hear from Sheriff Adam Gissy about how he can help handle specific concerns in the area.

“My objective was to do it throughout the entire county, and today I thought the northern part of the county would be a good location with a lot of the complaints we’ve received over the past weeks and months,” said Gissy.

It’s an important topic for Jane Lew residents, since the town has no police department of its own. Residents said more activity from deputies could go a long way to easing some of their concerns. Lisa Jeffries was one such resident, who came to ask Gissy for that extra help.

“Just trying to get a little bit of people to come in and go just showing their presence, and it seems to make people understand a little bit more,” Jeffries explained.

Gissy said he’s glad to hear from residents, since deputies can only hear about potential problems if someone comes to tell them as issues pop up. He plans to continues events like these in other parts of the county so the department can be as proactive as possible in addressing each community’s needs.

“Events like this are so important,” said Gissy. “It’s low-pressure, low-stress and they can just tell us what they’re feeling, what’s on their mind, and hopefully we can do our job and help them out.”