Coffee with a Cop Continues in Brewer

By Taylor Kinzler, WABI
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Bridging the gap between the public and law enforcement.

That’s what police officers in Brewer did this morning.

They stopped by Logical Sip Café and Bakery for Coffee with a Cop, engaging with community members over a much needed cup of joe on this cold day.

“We got a very good turnout today. The advantage of this is they get to talk to a police officer under non-stressful circumstances,” said Jason Moffit, Public Safety Director at the Brewer Police Department. “Most of the time when they meet us, somebody has rear-ended their car, they’ve had something stolen or their house broken into. So this is just a time to kind of relax and come chat with us and see what we do.”

Coffee with a Cop has been a big hit in the Greater Bangor Area.

Police departments across the country are participating year-round.