Coffee with a Cop

By Charles Roberts, Highland Community News
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It was billed as Coffee with a Cop, but the Highland Senior Center had to make it a little special, so it turned out to be Breakfast with a Cop, including pancakes and coffee.

Sheriff’s Captain Sam Fisk, who serves as Highland’s police chief, he is a 24-year veteran with the Sheriff’s Department, coming up through the ranks from Reserve Deputy to Captain. He came to Highland to serve as chief of police when Captain Tony DeCecio left on disability leave.

“During the holiday season, there are lots of people who want to take advantage of you,” Fisk warned. “We’re here to help.”

Citing the Sheriff’s H.O.P.E. program to help the homeless, Fisk told his large audience they should not donate to panhandlers, but refer them to the local police department where they will find help to break the homeless cycle and can become productive citizens.

“If you get a phone call asking for money, hang up,” he advised. “Even if they say a member of your family is in trouble in some foreign country, don’t give information or money over the phone.”

He also advised listeners not to put outgoing mail in your mail box, but take it to the Post Office, whether it’s a Christmas card or paying bills. Your mail box gives thieves easy access to your personal information in addition to just stealing your mail.

The Internet is another way for crooks to get your personal information.

“Be sure you know who you’re talking to,” he said.

Finally, Fisk reminded , “If you see something, say something.” It’s better for police to know what’s going on in your neighborhood.

For more information, call the Highland police Department at (909) 425-9793.