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Captain Patrick McCormack

Captain Patrick McCormack started his law enforcement career with the NYPD in 1996, where he served as a Police Officer in the 52nd Precinct in the Bronx. In 1998, he was appointed a Police Officer with the City of Yonkers Police Department in Westchester County, N.Y. During his time with the Yonkers Police Department, he has worked as an Officer in patrol, the department’s Emergency Service Unit (ESU), and the Traffic Division (Motorcycle Officer). Upon being promoted to Sergeant, he was subsequently assigned the department’s Internal Affairs Division and the Police Commissioners Office, where he was designated the department’s Public Information Officer (PIO). During his time as a PIO, he also established the department’s various social media platforms and he currently teaches a social media course to all recruits at the Westchester County Police Academy.

While working as a Lieutenant and the Commanding Officer of the Community Affairs Division, he was tasked with increasing community outreach efforts in his city. He was instrumental in implementing numerous programs for the department including the Need to Reed (book donation program), HEART (Heroin Enforcement & Assistance Response Team), the Summer Reading Buddies program, the Stop & Shake program, as well as instituting Coffee with a Cop as a regular community outreach tool used by his department.

In 2017, Captain McCormack created the Yonkers Force Youth Hockey program, in which Yonkers Police Officers teach the sport of ice hockey to underprivileged youth aged 7 – 9 from the City of Yonkers. These youth normally would not have access to the sport due to financial constraints. This program is modeled after a similar program started by the Hawthorne California Police Department.

Captain McCormack is currently the Commanding Officer of the Third Precinct. Approximately 100 officers and supervisors assigned to this precinct serve approximately 65,000 residents in the southwest part of the city. Captain McCormack continually works on strengthening the bonds his officers have with their community through engagement while on patrol, meetings, department events, and social media posts.

Captain McCormack graduated from Manhattan College with a major in Finance in 1992. He has attended many police related training courses including the IACP Leadership in Police Organizations course and the NYPD Criminal Investigators Course and Dignitary Protection School. He is certified as a FEMA All-Hazzard Public Information Officer and he received the FBI-LEEDA Trilogy Award in 2016. In 2017, Captain McCormack was presented with the “Protect and Serve” award from the Irish Echo at the newspaper’s annual awards ceremony held in NYC for law enforcement officers of Irish decent.


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