Elmira Police celebrate “Coffee with a Cop”

By Ashley Cafaro, WENY
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The Elmira Police Department shared a cup of joe and chatted with neighbors for “Coffee with a Cop Day” on Wednesday.

The event was held at McDonald’s restaurant on Main Street in Downtown Elmira and was opened to the public from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Anyone who attended the event was given a free small cup of coffee and had the opportunity to meet members of the Elmira Police Department.

“Coffee with a Cop” was first launched back in 2011. The events main purpose is to bring police officers and the community together over a cup of coffee. This way officers and the public can get to know each other better, build a relationship and establish some trust.

“It offers us an opportunity to have a positive relationship with the community where we don’t always get that. Sometimes we only have interactions with people under negative circumstances. So this is an opportunity to have a positive relationship and have a discussion just to let people know we’re regular people. We have the same goals, and interests in making this community successful and safe,” said Joseph Kane, Chief of Elmira Police Department.

There was also a book giveaway, color activities and cookies available for children that attended “Coffee with a Cop.” This was the Elmira Police Departments first time ever participating in the event.