Crestline residents have Coffee with a Cop

By Douglas W. Motley, The Alpenhorn News
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The latest in a series of mountain-wide “Coffee With A Cop” events was held on Wednesday, February 1 at Crestline’s Lake Gregory Coffee Company, where dozens of early morning risers were afforded an opportunity to meet, greet and mingle with an assortment of law enforcement personnel from the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station and the Running Springs office of The California Highway Patrol.

Several local residents said they liked being able to exchange information and ideas related to local law enforcement activity in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, while at the same time enjoying a cup of “Joe.” Crestline resident Rick Dinon said, “This is a great opportunity for the community to get together with law enforcement, get to know them and let them know we appreciate the good work they do.”

Chief among local concerns at last Wednesday’s coffee klatch was a rash of vehicle break-ins that occurred during a recent series of snowstorms. In addressing the issue Capt. Dale Gregory, commander of the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station, told The Alpenhorn News many of the break-ins were attributed to unlocked vehicles. “People, please keep your doors locked.”

Gregory cited burglaries as a continuing problem in the mountain communities. Noting that vacant homes are often targeted Gregory said, “People don’t find out until they come for a visit six months later, and then they report it.”

According Sheriff’s Sgt. Craig Harris, inappropriate behavior exhibited by snow play visitors is also a hot topic. He said the department had recently approved funding for additional patrol deputies on snowy weekends. This, he said, will allow shift deputies to respond to regular calls for service, while the extra deputies would focus on trespassing by snow play visitors and illegal parking issues.

Despite the challenges posed by recent snowstorms, Lake Arrowhead resident John Senger said, “Law enforcement is doing a good job of keeping things under control under the circumstances.”