Cops, kids escape arresting heat by enjoying ice cream together

By Robyn Kirsch, Belleville News-Democrat
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The 100-plus degree temperatures had many people locked up indoors, but the lure of free ice cream enticed a big crowd Wednesday afternoon for the Cones with a Cop event, hosted by the O’Fallon Police Department.

Kids were given a free ice cream cone from 4 to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 12 at I Scream U Scream, located at 214 W. State St. in O’Fallon, as part of the event. The main goal is community outreach.

“It’s similar to our Coffee with a Cop, yet we’re trying to reach a different group of people, obviously — little kids,” said O’Fallon Police Capt. Kirk Brueggeman.

This was the OPD’s second year holding the event.

“This is part of our philosophy and mission. We are part of the community and enjoy interacting with kids and adults in our community. We are always looking to build upon our existing relationships,” he said.

Upon finishing their cones, kids were able to explore the inside of one of the OPD squad SUVs.

“It’s an opportunity for the members of the O’Fallon Police Department to interact with citizens of and our young people in town in a very positive way,” he added.

I Scream U Scream donated the cones and ice cream, Brueggeman said.