Community issues discussed over “Coffee with a Cop” in Lancaster

By Angela Christoforos, WIVB
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News 4 had “Coffee with a Cop” this morning at MiMi’s Central Perk Cafe in Lancaster, getting to know the officers better and learning important safety tips for the public.

“They come in they support us, we want to support them. This place is part of the community a lot of people come here to find out what’s going on so it was a no brainer to have it here,” said Tracy Diegleman, MiMi’s Central Park Cafe owner.

“I think what’s important is that people realize that we are approachable. A lot of people tend to get intimidated but we’re just regular people,” said Officer Kevin Tanski, Lancaster Police department.

That’s the whole premise behind “Coffee with a Cop.”

It’s about getting to know officers on a personal level, and sharing concerns with them in an informal setting.

With the 4th of July next week, officers are warning people to be careful with things like fireworks.

“Safety is what’s of most paramount importance we want to make sure nobody gets hurt. Every year there tends to be some sort of a minor injury or something of that nature,” said Kevin Tanski, Lancaster Police department.

Lancaster Police officers say the summer months can often mean an increase of potential threats.

“Be careful in the vehicles with the pets and the children in the vehicles, children on bicycles, bicycle safety, making sure they’re not going into the street after balls things like that,” said Officer Angela Greco, Lancaster Police department.

“There’s a lot of people that actually go out jogging late at night or walking, wear reflective clothing,” said Officer Tanski.

Bottom line: officers want people to know they’re here to help.

“Police officers we have to be on guard to a certain degree so if we seem a little stern up front it’s for safety reasons,” said Officer Tanski.

The Lancaster Police department is planning on doing another “Coffee with a Cop” event again sometime next year, and other local police departments also participate in this nationwide effort as well.

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