By Caroline Baker, WXXV
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This morning in Ocean Springs, police officers and Crime Stoppers gathered at Buzzy’s Breakfast Joint for ‘Coffee with a Cop.’

Adam Carter, an investigator with the Ocean Springs Police Department, tells News 25 the officers and Crime Stoppers wanted to use this as a chance to update citizens on what is going on around the city in regards to crime and also remind residents of some holiday safety tips.

Carter told News 25 some tricks to make sure your holiday packages and presents stay in the right hands. “If there is maybe a way you can drop the packages off with a neighbor, maybe have a hidden area. Most of these companies, now you can type in a little note of where you want the package to be hidden at. That way they are not just sitting out and also watch out for your neighbors, if you are looking out for your neighbors you can spot things that are going on. Everybody is watching out for each other and it works out a lot better.”