‘Coffee with A Cop’ comes to Cary McDonald’s

By Julie Travers, Daily Herald
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Cary Deputy Police Chiefs Scott Naydenoff and Chris Winkelmann join Cary resident Marilou Mika at the "Coffee With A Cop" event Dec. 18.More than 40 free cups of coffee were distributed to attendees of the Cary McDonald’s “Coffee With A Cop” event on Wednesday, Dec. 18.

Owned and operated by Nondas Plesiotis, the Cary McDonald’s at 678 Northwest Hwy. is honored to take part in community-building events like this, especially as they engage the local police force.

The policemen served freshly brewed hot coffee, as smiles abound amid the cool winter air outside. Coffee wasn’t the only freebie on this day, local Marilou Mika gifted the policemen $100 in McDonald’s gift cards to show her appreciation for their service to the community.

Plesiotis was thrilled with the afternoon’s event. “We are proud of the role we have maintained in Cary over the years, and we are happy to see the community and the local police department enjoying coffee together,” Plesiotis said. “It’s just how winter should be.”

Cary Police Chief Patrick Finlon and deputy police chiefs Scott Naydenoff and Chris Winkelmann, along with Sergeant Josh Victor, all attended the event.

Also, an amazing show of support from the Cary Citizens Police Academy, who were in attendance as well. From the academy, Melissa Victor, Brian Luczak, Pat Malone, Joann Collis, Fran Steinke and Martha Ritter.

Local law enforcement and community members were happy to enjoy coffee and conversation together.

Deputy Chief Naydenoff and Winkelmann served all the coffee and they had a blast.

Plesiotis would like to thank Deputy Police Scott Naydenoff, who contributed to the coordination of the “Coffee with A Cop” event. Plesiotis would also like to thank all of the officers who came to the event, helped serve the coffee, took pictures with the community members, and met many great members of the community.

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