5-year-old honored at Coffee with a Cop in Savannah

By Sam Bauman, WTOC
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Tuesday marked the first Coffee with a Cop for the Savannah Police Department in 2020.

An event one 5-year-old almost never misses, and Tuesday was no different. Except this time, it was the officers taking time to honor their biggest little fan.

“He really has a passion for police and policing,” Cpl. William Barnett said.

Calling it a passion however might be an understatement for 5-year-old Burke who already is planning on becoming a police officer himself one day. In fact, when asked what he does with his free time?

“Pull people over,” he responded.

That’s right, Burke patrols his neighborhood pulling over speeders and even writing them a ticket.

Just like his heroes, on the Savannah Police Department, Burke is doing his part to keep his community safe.

So, to honor his efforts, Burke was presented with two challenge coins, a SWAT Team patch and a badge of his very own from the department.

However, Cpl. Barnett says what Burke gives them, is far more meaningful.

“He honestly makes us feel like a hero.”

A title they certainly deserve, but don’t always feel.

“Sometimes we’re in tough situations and things that we don’t always come out smiling,” Cpl. Barnett said.

Which is why moments, like this one, mean so much.

A moment, Cpl. Barnett, hopes is only the beginning.

“We want to build relations with our youth because we want them to know that they can come to us when there is trouble when there’s problems. Police are here to help.”

Now Burke can help too.

Wearing his new badge with pride, serving and protecting his neighborhood all hours of the day, well, all hours except.

“When it’s bedtime,” added Burke.