Bernardston seniors converse with police during ‘Coffee with a Cop’

Attendees of Tuesday’s discussion said they enjoyed the event, and thought it was informative. One Senior Center member, Gretchen Miller, said the officers shared a special piece of equipment as part of their conversation — florescent yellow and red gloves and mittens for officers to wear when signaling traffic. Miller said she was surprised by the officers’ experiences, where drivers came dangerously close to them because they misread the officers’ signals.

Coffee, cops and conversation

Englewood resident Mark Taylor said the event gave him the opportunity to see Englewood police officers for who they are rather than for the work they do. “They’re not all Superman, and (residents) expect (police) to be Superman. They’re just human,” said Taylor. “It’s nice to get to speak to them.”

offee with a Cop brings together officers, community

Hawks Point offered to host the first event of 2020. Life Enrichment Director Sharon Wallace called the afternoon “awesome.” “I’m so happy with the turnout, and our residents and also people from the community were so happy to come here and visit with the officers, and they were so kind and cordial,” Wallace said. “It was a great afternoon.”

Coffee with a Cop brings smiles to the Bayside

Throughout the morning we had a chat with families and community members and were delighted to shout a cup of joe to get the conversation started. Not only did we meet some friendly Bayside faces, but we also met a family visiting all the way from Sweden.

Coffee with a cop visits Tyrone

Has there ever been a question you’d like to ask a State Trooper? Events like the one today give you the opportunity to do that. Snappy’s Convenience Store in Tyrone today hosted coffee with a cop.

Public Safety continues Coffee With A Cop into the new year

Several community members met and spoke with local law enforcement officers Wednesday for 2020’s first Coffee With A Cop event. Visitors enjoyed coffee and doughnuts while meeting with Aiken Department of Public Safety Officers. Some were attending the event at the Lessie B. Price Aiken Senior and Youth Center for the first time.