Coffee with a Cop

The Clarksville Police Department partners with local businesses to bring the community together with officers in a relaxed setting, giving the public a better understanding of the officers and law enforcement. In return, the officers have a chance to interact with people on a one-to-one basis.

Snow cone with a cop: TPD welcomes students back to school with icy treats

Tecumseh Police officers spent much of the afternoon Thursday treating area children with snow cones at Roller Shaved Ice. The first Snow Cone with a Cop event was a big success. Dozens of families came and went, visiting with officers, testing police sirens and cooling off with flavored ice.

Building relationships

Paul Harvey, commander of the department’s special operations division, pointed out that some residents hesitate to contact police with information pertaining to a crime because they are afraid of getting involved. He noted that events like Coffee with a Cop help some feel more comfortable sharing their concerns. “We learn a lot about the neighborhoods this way because people are more inclined to tell us things,” Harvey said.

Coffee with a cop: Visiting with law enforcement

“We’ve been doing it for three or four years. We really enjoy it,” said Moss while pouring a cup of coffee for a new arrival at Starbucks. “The community seems to enjoy the interaction and we’ll continue to do it as long as it remains successful like this.”

2019 Coffee with a Cop

Casey Barrett, President and CEO of Texas Bank, said, “First responders, they’re just so important to San Angelo. They’re the unsung heroes that go out and risk their lives for us. They put it all on the line and they don’t get any recognition. We just expect it from them, so it’s good to have an event where we can come and celebrate them, and talk to them and see them when they’re in their normal setting. They’re normal everyday men and women. It’s good to just get to be able to talk to them and see what issues they have and ways that we can help them. Maybe our business can help them in what they do in their daily lives and they can help us as well.”