Grassroots That Grew Fast

Who would have thought that in 2011 a simple idea on how to build better relationships with the citizens in Hawthorne California, would end up making a huge impact in the United States and around the globe. Supported and encouraged by Hawthorne Police and the U.S Department of Justice, Office of Community Policing , Coffee with a Cop grew . At Coffee with a Cop events in small towns and big cities alike , police officers and citizens learned about each other, formed bonds and grew important community relationships that helped weave the fabric of a better community .

Since Coffee with a Cop’s humble beginnings, there have been thousands of Coffee with a Cop events in all 50 states and nine different countries in four languages. Coffee with a Cop is simple, effective and it just plain works. Coffee with a Cop is “grassroots” as it gets, it brings people together to talk over coffee (or anything else you prefer) with no agenda and no speeches, just open and honest communication.

We would like to invite you to be part of the amazing movement that Coffee with a Cop has become. We would like you to join the conversation between law enforcement and communities around the United States.

Join Us

THE FIRST WEDNESDAY OF OCTOBER is deemed National Coffee with a Day, join the thousands of police, sheriff, campus, local and federal law enforcement agencies and have Coffee with a Cop in your community for national “Coffee with a Cop” Day . Host an event in your town , invite the public to join your officers for a cup of coffee and conversation, help build trust and establish relationships.

Community members, search your area for a National Coffee with a Cop Day location. Don’t see an event in your area? Reach out to your local law enforcement and invite them to take part.

Law enforcement agencies, add your National Coffee with a Cop Day event to the calendar, shop the store for some cool National Coffee with a Cop Day pins and stickers to pass out at your event, and download National CwC Day Materials and use the new flyers specific to this event.

Let’s all join together and make THE FIRST WEDNESDAY OF OCTOBER, a day that brings national attention to show American law enforcement at its best and begin building relationships, one cup at a time.

Updates coming soon!  Contact us if you have any questions.

Chris Cognac
Sergeant, Community Affairs Unit
“Coffee with a Cop” National Program Instructor
Hawthorne Police Department | 12501 Hawthorne Blvd, Hawthorne, CA 90250


A sergeant once told us, “the police miss 90 percent of the story when we talk to the public.”

my90’s text messaging platform makes it easier for community members to give feedback and for police departments to hear it.  The my90 platform uses text messages and data analysis to improve public-police communication. Residents send anonymous texts to my90, which bundles and analyzes the feedback. Agencies receive the analysis and can use my90 messages to push information back out to your residents. my90 does not require the internet or an app, and does not overlap with 911, internal affairs, or crime reporting.

my90 is a product created by Datapact 360, Inc., and is based in California. Datapact 360 and all of its products are independent: we protect the anonymity of our users, serve the public and the police equally, and have no political affiliations.

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FULL DOCUMENT:  cwc_my90finalreport_ncwcd16