Community turns out to have coffee with local cops

By Leah Durain, KBMT
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A group of Beaumont police officers pulled into the McDonalds on Phelan Blvd. Saturday morning but there wasn’t a 911 call. All the rush was to have a cup of coffee with the community.

“It had a playground on it,” said Mable Loflin.

The young girl squeezed into a booth with her brothers and sisters lighted up as she shared details about her artistic creation presented to Beaumont police officers.

Sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with Mable was the whole Loflin crew: Michaela, Malachi, Maci and Major. They each offered up hand-crafted drawings and notes for the cops.

“[We wanted] to thank the officers for helping us,” said Malachi. “They protect us, they’re really good at their job, they help the community.”

Malachi wants to be an officer one day. So does his brother, Major.

“It touches your heart especially when a kid comes in and brings you a note and says thank you,” said Beaumont police Sgt. Cody Guedry.

The fast food joint turned into common ground Saturday for the first “Coffee with a Cop” initiative.
It was an open invitation for anyone to grab a mug and meet the men and women who suit up and protect Beaumont day in and day out.

“They do so much for us,” said Michaela. “It’s just really important to say thank you.”

Along with the Loflins, others from the community stopped in to ask questions about various laws, pick up information and get to know the people behind the badge.

“You get to the root of problems and concerns that people …might not want to bring up in public,” said Sgt. Guedry. “Yet they’ll bring it up in one-on-one sessions with the officers.”

That one-on-one or two-on-five, rather, is something the Loflin family will never forget.

“We love police officers,” said Maci.

For Major, it was a big “Thank you for your service.”

The next chance to meet area first responders is coming up Tuesday night.
Duty Calls: Honoring First Responders is at the Julie Rogers Theater at 6 p.m.Lt. Joe Torrillo, who retired from the New York Fire Department is the guest speaker.It is free to the public.