Port Wentworth Police Department hosts first ever Coffee with a Cop

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There was a heavy police presence at the Bojangles on Highway 21 Saturday morning, but it was for a good purpose. Port Wentworth Police held the department’s first ever Coffee with a Cop.

Nearby residents got the opportunity to talk with officers about public safety and their growing community.

“We brought several officers in who work the street, go to the people’s homes when people call for service, or those assigned to the traffic unit. They’re out here stopping the cars for the traffic violations and they’ve been able to see a different side of the people,” Port Wentworth Police Major Lee Sherrod said.

Major Sherrod said although it’s important for the administrative staff to mingle with the public, they also wanted to make sure some of their patrol officers got the chance to see a different side of the community.

“To just have people greet me and thank me for my service and show kids my cop car, it’s very different. It’s a new experience and it shows they really appreciate the police and they want us to be out here for them,” Port Wentworth Police Officer Cody Williams said.

The department says today’s event allowed them to answer questions, like why some neighborhoods were seeing more patrols than others.

They plan to do another Coffee with a Cop event next year.