Starbucks Hosts Coffee with a Cop

Officers from Apache Junction Police Department (AJPD) accepted an invitation from Starbucks, located in the 2500 Block of West Apache Trail, to participate in their Annual Coffee with a Cop event. Officers not only had a chance to chat with the public about various department programs and address citizen questions, but they also got behind the counter, making and serving those delicious drinks. People going through the drive-thru were met with a surprise when they arrived at the window and found a police officer there, ready to complete their transaction.

Red Deer Mounties host ‘Coffee with a Cop’

“We’ve been able to share our story with them and explain to them, some of the things we do that maybe the public doesn’t know that we do and enlighten them a little bit as to what’s going on. Not just in the police world but our interactions with the various different agencies trying to work collaboratively here in the city, so they can get a sense that not only the police, but the City of Red Deer and the social agencies are here, working together, trying to make Red Deer a better place to be.”

Cops join community for a cup o’ joe

In full uniform and armed with drinks like grande pumpkin spice lattes and venti iced coffees, Chief Lance Maloney, along with ten of his sergeants and officers, mingled with the crowd to greet young and old alike. They introduced themselves and fielded the questions of interested attendees. Although some patrons were initially unaware of the event, they quickly joined the conversation.

‘Coffee with a Cop’ held at LC Senior Center

“The objective is to create lasting relationships for both contributors and foster an environment that welcomes open dialogue. Studies have revealed that outreach programs like ‘Coffee with a Cop’ improve public safety, in large part due to the trust factor and through conversation.”

COFFEE WITH A COP: Sandy Twp. police enjoy coffee and conversation with residents

“We want to be open to the community,” said Kruzelak. “We want to be able to answer any questions that they might have from anything that we do. If they have a concern about maybe criminal mischief or something a neighbor might be doing, this is the perfect opportunity to answer those questions. We’re more than happy to field any question.”