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Cocoa With A Cop

“Many times, a child’s first experience with an officer is during a highly stressful emergency situation,” King said. “We wanted to create an opportunity for families to bring their children to meet officers in a relaxed setting where kids could learn to trust officers before a potential emergency situation occurs.”

McDonald’s Yonkers Hosts Coffee With a Cop

“McDonald’s is proud to partner with the Yonkers Police Department and local residents to discuss issues in our area,” said Carmine Versace, director of operations for McDonald’s Owner/Operator Chris Trefz. “As a local business, we are honored to host this event to cultivate relationships that will allow us to better serve our community. I look forward to working together in the future to further grow our relationship.”

Coffee with a female cop

Area young women who are thinking about a future in law enforcement or the military were able to pick the brains of a pair of Bangor Police officers Wednesday afternoon.

Police, community talk over Coffee With a Cop

“Ultimately we want to build relationships because the key ingre­dient to building trust is a strong relationship,” SPD Chief Charles Husted said. “This helps us enhance trust within the community and enables the public to have face-to-face contact with somebody in a very casual environment versus them calling 911 or calling for assistance.

Lewis County Sheriff holds Coffee with a Cop

It’s an important topic for Jane Lew residents, since the town has no police department of its own. Residents said more activity from deputies could go a long way to easing some of their concerns. Lisa Jeffries was one such resident, who came to ask Gissy for that extra help.

Coffee talk: Officers meet with residents at event

“When you work in, and with, a community, it is easier to police it,” Interim Police Chief Jim Tobin said. “The city manager has got us focused on community policing, getting back in the neighborhoods and working with communities to determine what their problems are instead of what we think their problems are.”

Cuties and cuppas at Elanora’s Coffee with a Cop

Southern Gold Coast locals had the opportunity to meet officers from Palm Beach Police Division at the Pines Shopping Centre Elanora. Police engaged with numerous locals including some very young potential recruits!

Coffee with a Cop, Mount Pleasant

Sergeant Nigel Dalton and I were invited to attend the Gordon White Library in Mount Pleasant this morning to participate in a Coffee with Cop event. At its simplest, we rocked a coffee cup, socialised and responded to many queries from residents who were present.

South Bend restaurant hosts “Cup with a Cop”

“I’ve had some good conversations,” Lieutenant Mike Ingle with the South Bend Police Department said. “I’ve had some good results with explaining some things to people that they may not quite understand about how police work works, why we do things, how we do things.”