Police, CPF engage community on safety

Boksburg North SAPS and the local Community Police Forum (CPF) invited all zonal district stations, including officials from the provincial head office, to an awareness campaign, ‘Coffee with a Cop’, to engage with the community about issues concerning their services to them.

Having coffee with a cop

‘I actually read a comment on Facebook, last week when this was promoted, and it was a woman who said she recognized me from the picture and said that I actually changed her life and that she’s now on the straight and narrow and she wanted to thank me… you don’t see that other side most of the time when you’re going to call to call to call,” says Teed.

National Coffee with a Cop Day

Some of the issues addressed during the discussion were crime, bicycle safety, helmets, home alarm systems, domestic issues, stray animals, parking, senior scams, community meetings, and calling 911.

Justice joe: Residents share a cup of coffee with cops

Face-to-face interaction with law enforcement helps a community bond with those serving it, according to Mary Delling, official “director of fun” at Biggby, who invited local officers to hold their most recent cop-coffee klatch at her establishment.

Woodland CHP hosts ‘Coffee with a Cop’ in Davis

On Friday, Nov. 15, officers from the California Highway Patrol’s Woodland office and community members will come together in an informal, neutral space to discuss community issues, have coffee and build relationships.

Anonymous donation funds Coffee with a Cop event

The Brandon Police Department recently held such an event at Scooter’s Coffee on Oct. 31. Police chief Joe Weir said he doesn’t think such an event has ever taken place in Brandon, but it’s something he hopes to continue to do in the future. He had been planning a Coffee with a Cop event for several months, but got a nudge to move forward with the plans after they received an anonymous donation.

Police and public share a cup of coffee

“People should know that police work is not only about making arrests. There is a need for us to engage with the community and find out what their daily challenges are, more especially those who are most vulnerable in society,” Manamela said.

Residents have cup of joe with officers

Laredo residents got a chance to enjoy a nice warm cup of joe while also getting to know their fellow law enforcement officers over the weekend.