Citizens chat with police officers at ‘Coffee with a Cop’ event

“It gives people an opportunity if they don’t necessarily have a reason to call the police or report a crime. It gives them an opportunity to meet police officers that work in their neighborhood, that work where they live. It’s a great opportunity for everyone involved,” said Lt. Eric Sheldon of the Dayton Police Department.


Adam Carter, an investigator with the Ocean Springs Police Department, tells News 25 the officers and Crime Stoppers wanted to use this as a chance to update citizens on what is going on around the city in regards to crime and also remind residents of some holiday safety tips.

Coffee with a Cop

Members of the Belle Plaine Police Department and Scott County Sheriff’s deputies shared conversation with residents and visitors at KingsPath Retirement Living on Friday, Nov. 16, at Coffee With a Cop, an event that came by way of a nationwide initiative aiming to connect civilians with law enforcement officers through conversation.

Citizens and Law enforcement relax together for Coffee with a Cop

For the fourth time this year “Coffee with a Cop” involving officers in Lima was held, this time at Fresh and Faded. While waiting for a haircut, patrons could grab a cup of coffee and just talk to police in a relaxed setting. The Allen County Sheriff’s Office and Lima Police Department were both represented. Fresh and Faded owner, Leandra Johnson, said it’s important for the community to get to know their local law enforcement.

Pinball with Police: What Seattle cops are doing in the ID

Pinball with Police is a partnership between the Pinball Museum and SPD, participating with the Chinatown International District community. It’s the latest in an ongoing effort to have police mingle with neighbors. Cops have also participated in tai chi with senior residents, and have organized walks through the neighborhood. There is even a police-run chess club for kids.

Public invited to get to know Metro officers over coffee

Wednesday morning, Younger and several fellow officers got together at the Egg and I restaurant on Sahara Avenue trying to change that over a cup of joe and some relaxed conversation with anybody who wanted to chat. It’s part of a community outreach program called Coffee with a Cop.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office hosts “Coffee with a Cop” in Goleta

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office hosted its “Coffee with a Cop” event on Thursday to connect police officers with community members in Goleta. This specific “Coffee with a Cop” was also a way to gather residents and police officers together in honor of the funeral of Ventura County Sheriff’s Sergeant Ron Helus, who was killed in the Borderline Bar and Grill shooting in Thousand Oaks on November 7.

Coyotes and stop signs

The large doors of a conference room located inside the Signal Hill Police Department (SHPD) had just swung open when the first resident walked in. SHPD Cpt. Brian Leyn and Lt. Ron Sagmit welcomed in the man and invited him to a cup of coffee and a donut.