Milkshakes anyone?

By Acting S/Con Mark Aichholzer, myPolice Brisbane North
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By now we’re sure you’ve heard of Coffee with a Cop, where members of the community mingle with members of the Queensland Police Service and ask any questions or raise any concerns they may have over a coffee.

On July 2, it was the kids turn to ask questions and our first kids Coffee (Milkshake) with a Cop was held at Taigum Shopping Centre and met with great enthusiasm by around 30 kids who had lots of questions for their local police officer, Acting Senior Constable Mark Aichholzer.

The questions asked were hard hitting including, ‘Why do you wear those clothes?’, ‘Have you ever put a bad guy in jail?’, ‘Do you hide in shopping centres so you can catch the bad guys?, and ‘Do you have a dog to help catch the bad guys?’

There were milkshakes of all flavours being enjoyed by the kids as well as a lot of artistic freedom being taken on the colouring in stations.

Everyone had a great time, both adults and kids and all the kids went home with a smile and a handful of fun stickers as well as they pieces of artwork.

The kids learned about personal safety as well as an important lesson that police are not here to take them away for being naughty but police are here to be trusted and to help them if they are ever in trouble.