2019 Coffee with a Cop

By Concho Valley Homepage
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This morning, officers with the San Angelo Police Department gathered at the Cactus Hotel to meet with San Angelo residents for Coffee with a Cop.

Casey Barrett, President and CEO of Texas Bank, said, “First responders, they’re just so important to San Angelo. They’re the unsung heroes that go out and risk their lives for us. They put it all on the line and they don’t get any recognition. We just expect it from them, so it’s good to have an event where we can come and celebrate them, and talk to them and see them when they’re in their normal setting. They’re normal everyday men and women. It’s good to just get to be able to talk to them and see what issues they have and ways that we can help them. Maybe our business can help them in what they do in their daily lives and they can help us as well.”

According to their website, Coffee with a Cop was created back in 2011 when Hawthorne, California Police Officers wanted a way to successfully interact with the citizens they served on a daily basis. They wanted a simple way to break the barriers between law enforcement and the communities. The organization plans to expand the program outside the United States to reach every part of the world.