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Coffee is more than just your favorite morning beverage; it’s a connector, a culture, and a community-builder! And this Wednesday, April 27, 2016 – more than 20 McDonald’s restaurants in South Florida plan to use coffee to help connect the community with local law enforcement.

These events will bring police officers and the community members they serve together – over coffee – to discuss community issues, learn more about each other and build relationships in an informal, neutral environment. And if that’s not enticing enough, all Coffee with a Cop attendees will receive a free small cup of McCafé coffee, courtesy of your local McDonald’s.

Last week, police officers from across both counties took over a local Miami McDonald’s restaurant to come together and create a fun, promotional video to help spread the word about the upcoming Coffee with a Cop events. Check out the clip here: https://youtu.be/yWIIup5myNc where you can even catch a glimpse of local McDonald’s owner/operator and former City of Miami Police Officer, Emilio Cabrera, joining in on the fun as he offers his fellow police officers some acting support.

“As a McDonald’s owner/operator, being involved in the community is the cornerstone of my business,” said Emilio Cabrera, a local McDonald’s owner/operator. “And supporting our local law enforcement is a huge priority for not only my organization but for me personally. As a former City of Miami Police Officer, I am invested in doing everything I can to further open the lines of communication within my community and help break down barriers between police officers and the citizens they serve. I hope that community members will attend our Coffee with a Cop events across Miami and Broward and share what’s on their minds over a cup of McDonald’s coffee.”




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