>   Oct 2, 2019  >   9:30am - 11:30am

Coffee with a Cop

Coffee With A Cop on a campus is a great thing! There is nothing quite like college students to stimulate interesting and enjoyable conversation – especially in the Legends Club at WTAMU. University officers, as well as Canyon PD, Randall County Deputies, and State Troopers are invited to attend. Come and ask those questions that have always been on your mind, but never get the opportunity to be asked!




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October 4th
5 years ago

Canyon, TX

Canyon, TX

West Texas A & M University, Jack B. Kelley Student Center, Legends Room 2403 2nd Ave

October 3rd
4 years ago

Canyon, TX

Canyon, TX

JBK Student Center, Legends Club, WTAMU 2403 2nd Ave

October 2nd
3 years ago

Canyon, TX

Canyon, TX

Legends Club, JBK, WTAMU, Canyon, Texas 2403 2nd Ave

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