Conversation Brews During ‘Coffee with A Cop’ Day

The Fairfax County Police Department’s Sully, Mount Vernon, McLean, Mason, Reston, Franconia, West Springfield and Fair Oaks district stations participated at various Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s locations.

‘Coffee with a Cop’ brings police, community together

“The success of any police department depends on our ability to interact with the community and to have them be able to voice their concerns with us,” said Sgt. Matt Bryngelson. “They may not have the opportunity to do that when we’re driving from call to call out on the street. This gives people the opportunity to sit down, have coffee with us, and talk about what may be going on in their neighborhood.”

‘Coffee with a Cop’ event facilitates community-police interaction

Davis noted several attendees suggested traffic issues for his unit to address. He and the other traffic officers often do targeted enforcement initiatives based on resident complaints, such as a neighborhood road where lots of drivers are speeding. “It was an opportunity to develop new leads and new things to do that will impact the community and that they actually want to see impacted,” he said.

Colts players join IMPD officers at ‘Coffee with a Cop’

“I think this is a great first step though to be able to at least have the conversation started,” Joi Defrantz said. “(Colts players) are leaders in our community and people get a chance to see our leaders doing great work and having these difficult conversations and so that allows them to do the same thing in their own communities.”

MPD Joins the Nation in Coffee with a Cop Day

Madison Police Departments officers, of all different rankings, had coffee with citizens from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., where casual conversations were made and questions were asked. The McCafe coffees were compliments of McDonald’s. The partnership between McDonald’s and local law enforcement is focused on building relationships with the community – one cup at a time.

Coffee with a Cop in the 103rd Precinct

Coffee with a Cop was designed with the idea of allowing police officers, both beat cops and precinct leadership, to meet with members of the community in a relaxed, informal setting.

A&W Hosts Coffee With A Cop

A&W/Long John Silver’s hosted the first Coffee with a Cop event on Oct. 4 featuring members of the Cresco Police Department and Howard County Sheriff’s Department.

LAPD joins in National Coffee with a Cop Day

Debbie Gable was on her way to work last week when she popped into Green Bakery and Cafe in Rancho Shopping Center to grab her morning cup of coffee. But what was supposed to be a quick pit stop turned into a 30-minute detour as she struck up conversations with members of the Los Altos Police Department.

Coffee with a Cop turns out dozens

“Coffee with a Cop and our many other community outreach initiatives have been extremely effective in establishing an open dialogue with the residents and business owners of our city so that we can provide the best police services possible while continuing to foster a mutual trusting relationship,” said Colonel Michael J. Winquist, Chief of Police.

Young fan dresses the part for Coffee With A Cop

Coffee With A Cop, a social movement first served up in March 2011 by the HAWTHORNE (CALIF.) POLICE DEPARTMENT, is gaining ground(s) in the Walla Walla Valley. The most recent opportunity to schmooze took place on Oct. 4 at STARBUCKS on Main Street, and drew a young fan who dressed for the occasion.