Coffee with cops

After getting an invite from local baristas, the Placer County Sheriffs Office stopped by Starbucks to meet with the public. Rj Lugo is a 22-year Army veteran who now works at the Auburn Ravine Starbucks. He thought it would be fun to get the sheriffs down to the store to meet with the public.

Coffee with a Cop debuts at Reading hotel

When Reading police Officer Anne Pletcher was asked to participate in the latest “Coffee with a Cop,” she agreed, even though the event was held outside of her work shift. Pletcher cares that much about the city that she calls home.

Caffeine and Cops: A Recipe for Communication

If any township residents were concerned by the large police presence at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Oak Ridge today … relax! There was no heist, no public disturbance, no uproarious fracas. It was just several dozen locals and cops having a cup of Joe and maybe a donut or two. And, yes, a whole lot of kids enjoying a day off from school.

WPD aims to improve community relations

“We’re not here looking for people to do something wrong or anything like that,” Arnold continued. “We’re available just to have a conversation, and I think all of that relationship with the community begins with just a simple conversation. That’s really what Coffee With a Cop does.”

Public welcomes first Coffee With A Cop

Officers from the Department of Public Safety sat down Tuesday with members of the public for the first ever Coffee With a Cop at McDonald’s Saipan on Middle Road for an informal chat on any issues or concerns that they may have.

Grassroots policing is no grind

hoppers were able to chat with Geraldton police and raise crime concerns over a cup of a coffee at Northgate Shopping Centre this morning.

Cops, residents get together at McDonald’s

OVER cups of coffee, police officers and members of the community talked about public safety issues at McDonald’s Middle Road on Tuesday. From 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., they formed small groups at different tables to discuss, among other things, traffic violations and serious crime.

Teen Anna Beeson hosts Coffee with a Cop in Petal

Community service is a requirement for any reigning pageant winner, but for Anna Beeson it’s also a passion. Anna recently organized a Coffee with a Cop event in Petal, which drew close to 20 officers from Petal and Petal School District police departments as well as Forrest County Sheriff’s deputies. “When she let us know she was starting it, we were just thrilled to be here,” Fuller said. “We’re going to plan another one, get more public involvement — get more community members to just hang out with us and have a cup of coffee and sit around and talk.”

Community meets officers at ‘Coffee with a Cop’

In addition to ADOT, other agencies who had representatives included the Parker, Quartzsite and Colorado River Indian Tribes’ Police Departments, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the La Paz County and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Offices, and the California Highway Patrol.