Coffee with a Cop can break down barriers | Opinion

To view Coffee with a Cop as not worth our time and attention might be to miss the obvious: A lot of important bridges get built when people have an opportunity to sit down together to break bread, or simply share a cup of coffee and talk.

Cops are building relationships with the community, one cup of coffee at a time

We want to have a connection with the community we serve. And since we like coffee, one way the CHP can connect with the public is through national program called “Coffee with a Cop.” It is a simple concept: officers and community members come together in an informal, neutral space like a local coffee shop, to discuss issues, have coffee, and build relationships.

Community turns out to have coffee with local cops

A group of Beaumont police officers pulled into the McDonalds on Phelan Blvd. Saturday morning but there wasn’t a 911 call. All the rush was to have a cup of coffee with the community.

Cops keepin it cool with the kids in East Bridgewater

This was East Bridgewater’s first “Fist pump Friday” event: a community policing initiative that officers said they may begin to carry out more frequently in order to interact with the children and allow them to become more comfortable being around police officers and their intimidating uniform.

Citizens Connect With Cops Over Coffee

Shannon Cannell came to eat breakfast at the restaurant without knowing the department was hosting the coffee hour. “I was surprised to see the chief is a female,” Cannell said. “That’s awesome.”

Cops share a cup of joe

“Why wait for a problem to be created?” said Cpl. Martin Janson, summing up the reason he decided to register Squamish RCMP in the Coffee With a Cop program,

Coffee with a Cop pours into community

When elementary school student Cullen Murphy asked his mom, “What do I do if a bad guy comes to my school with a gun,” his mother wanted to make sure he received the best answer. On March 9, Cullen’s mother let him skip school in the morning so he could directly interact with a deputy at the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office’s Coffee with a Cop event in Centennial.

Young and old meet for 3rd Coffee with a Cop

With his badge pinned to his chest and sporting a police sergeant’s uniform, Cason Connelly had all the trappings of a law enforcement standout. But one thing was holding him back from the real thing. At age 6, Cason will have to wait until his 21st birthday before he can apply for the job.