Coffee with a Cop expands, looks to grow community engagement

The monthly Coffee with a Cop meeting is venturing to other locations around the Hub City. City officials and police are hoping it will draw more community engagement, helping them be more in touch with residents, and hearing issues and concerns.

Martinsville residents have ‘Coffee With A Cop’

“We stay very involved with our citizens. We’re going to continue to stay very involved with our citizens and hear their concerns,” Cassady emphasized. “So any time they have a problem or something we’re not aware of that we can help with, it’s worthwhile.”

Los Alamitos Attends Coffee With Cops

Eric Nunez Chief of Los Alamitos Police Department greeted hundreds who came by to drink coffee, chat and learn more about how the LAPD assists residents.

Coffee with a Cop: A success

The Latrobe Valley’s inaugural ‘Coffee with a Cop’ has been hailed as a success after more than 70 members from across the community attended the event at Moe on Monday morning.

Coffee with a Cop in Bay St. Louis

Many people gathered at Central Bible Church in Bay St. Louis Friday morning for Coffee with a Cop. The event brings police officers and the community members they serve together over coffee to discuss issues and learn more about each other.

Leesburg police chief hosts first ever ‘Coffee with a Cop’

“They’ll understand that we’re just like everybody else. We’re here to protect everyone but to be your friend too. Got any problems? Then feel free to talk to a police officer, and let them know what is going on,” said Moore.

Elgin teens welcome interaction with police

Elgin teens at the first police event focusing on their age group said they felt they had been left out of the conversation, and welcomed more interaction with officers.

Hash browns and handcuffs

Customers at a local restaurant got more than a cup a coffee with their breakfast last Wednesday when a group of police officers entered the dining room. They weren’t responding to a call, they were there to meet and greet the public they serve.

Coffee with a Cop: MIPD joins CCSO to meet with public

Well over a dozen armed law enforcement officers from the Collier County Sherriff’s Office and the Marco Island Police Department converged on Dunkin Donuts in the Marco Town Center from 8 to 10 a.m. for “Coffee with a Cop,” giving the community the chance to interact on a friendly, personal basis with police personnel, and the officers the chance to get to know more of the people they protect.