Officers host “Coffee with a Cop” to interact with community

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Community members in Richmond gathered to get to know their local police and share conversation and concerns during “Coffee with a Cop” Saturday.

The event was held by the Richmond Police Department at the Chick-Fil-A at Richmond Centre.

One soon-to-be mother said she was pleased by the police’s efforts to connect with the community. She is adopting a daughter named Chloe, who was born into a drug surrounded family.

“I am going to be adopting her, but her mother was addicted to drugs and she was born addicted to drugs. So I think it’s a big deal to talk about drugs,” said Megan Isaacs.

Police Chief James Ebert said he hoped the event would break down barriers between police and the public.

“People want to know that they have a safe city that they can raise their children in and develop their lives in,” Eberts said.

Isaacs said allowing the public to interact with police can help stop the spread of drugs and other problems effecting communities.

“If more people in the community are comfortable with speaking to the cops they would be more comfortable to let them know what’s going on in their neighborhood to help the cops stop the issue,” Isaacs said.