Coffee With a Cop in Albuquerque

Goodwill and friendship were the order of the day March 13 at “Coffee With a Cop,” a community event hosted by the city’s Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Coffee with Cops at It’s A Grind

Dozens of residents, city officials and city employees joined Galt Police Officers for a cup of Joe Wednesday morning, March 14. Hosted by It’s A Grind on Twin Cities Road, guests ordered their favorite drink, then chatted with their friendly neighborhood cop.

Regina Police reflect on latest Coffee With A Cop discussions

“We’re only as good as the community believes we are,” said the Chief. “If the community has trust in us, if the community believes in our police service, then really that goes a long way for us being able to do our job.”

Coffee with a Cop Fosters Open Communications

Chief Mark J. Mitchell talked about the program via their Facebook page by saying, “This program is one of the most important monthly activities we are involved in which, is essential to us connecting with the citizens we serve. Our organizational attitude, mindset and philosophy is to build a foundation of trust with each segment of our community and diligently grow a very positive culture between our hard working department and this great City.”

Reginans enjoy coffee with cops

Although the Community Engagement Unit just started operating a couple of months ago, Lerat has witnessed positive change already. “We have the opportunity with our job description and our mandate as a section to be able to get invested in the food bank, to get invested in the North Central Family Centre, to be invested with the North Central Community Association, to go to Carmichael Outreach — and not in a negative way,” he said.


The Chattanooga Police Department says, “The purpose of this event is for our community members to discuss public safety matters that are important to them, share ideas and ask questions of police officers. It is our hope that through open, friendly conversation we can build relationships between police officers and the community.”

Troopers Serve McDonald’s Customers in Monroe County

Frank Bianco walked into the McDonald’s in Brodheadsville and thought there was trouble. He saw a state trooper behind the counter. “I said, what’s going on there? Thought maybe they had a robbery and was checking the cash register,” laughs Frank Bianco of Saylorsburg. But trooper Peters just wanted to take his order!