Greenville Police Host First-Ever Coffee with a Cop

It’s a time when people can talk to an officer about anything, good or bad. “I like to get out and meet different people that I might not see on a regular basis and hear the different concerns, positive or negative,” said Chief Lovvorn.

Coffee with a Cop draws a crowd at McDonald’s

“The Ridgecrest Police Department is looking to get out in the community more in a more informal setting, where we can talk to people and have a normal conversation,” Dampier said. “It’s non-confrontational and not dealing with a criminal manner, we’re just people being people. That way, if there is an issue or they have concerns, or something bad is going on, they might recognize us and feel more comfortable talking to us, especially the kids.”

Cookies with a Cop

Community outreach is an important part of the Walterboro Police Department’s mission and goal to serve the community. One of the ways that the Walterboro Police Department reaches this goal is to implement new programs that increase the interaction between the community and the police department.

Police and citizens break down barriers over coffee

Stetzer said the department enjoys doing events like this and is excited for more this year. “It’s why I joined the force,” Stetzer said. “I like bringing the community together.”

Coffee with a Cop held at Forrest General Hospital

“Anytime we can do something for the public and connect with them is a good thing,” Parker said “The community are our eyes and ears and they’re the ones that help us do our jobs, so anytime we can connect with them and talk to them is always a good thing.”

Moline residents have ‘Coffee with a Cop’

“This is 80 percent of our job anyhow, sitting down and talking to people and it’s nice to be able to do that in a context where they didn’t call because of an emergency,” said Jeremy Weeks Moline police sergeant. “It’s nice to be able to sit down and talk to people in a more relaxed environment where they can ask us questions and we can give them good thoughtful answers.”

Another successful Coffee With A Cop in Yakima

Chief of Police Dominic Rizzi says the department actually has over 30 different types of community outreach. Officers try to host an event once a month and try to get as many different neighborhoods around Yakima involved as possible.

VPD takes ‘Coffee with the Cops’ to Vallejo Deaf Church

Admittedly blind to the building, Garrick said the Vallejo Police Department as an agency has been equally short-sighted to the complaints, concerns and needs of this silent community. Garrick said Sunday’s two-hour “Coffee with the Cops” at the 20-year church will help prevent further concerns from the hearing impaired from falling on deaf ears.