Police department hopes to wheel out new program

The Centennial Lakes Police Department (CLPD) hopes to implement a new program that will make the agency more accessible to citizens and encourage residents to experience the outdoors and all the region has to offer.

Marietta cops meet citizens for coffee and a chat

The Glover Park gazebo was the site of the department’s first “Coffee with a Cop” event, which allowed the public to meet with several officers in a social setting to discuss policing issues that were important to them. Triana Arnold-James, a Marietta resident and the reigning Mrs. Georgia Classy of Today’s International American Woman, helped coordinate the event as part of her pageant platform.

Sonora Police meet informally with locals

A common perception of police officers might suggest unapproachable exclusivity, a cinematic image of a group of uniformed men and women seated alone at a local coffee shop, their hands around steaming porcelain cups. But with a public meet-and-greet entitled “Coffee With a Cop” at Union Hill Coffee on South Washington Street Tuesday morning, Interim Sonora Police Chief Mike Harden said he is seeking to “remove those barriers” between law enforcement and the general public.