Wichita Falls Police host “Coffee with a Cop”

“We want to show the people we are here to help you we’re not here to cause problems,” said Officer Timothy Johnson with the Wichita Falls Police Department.  “We’re here and we are part of the community.  We have the same concerns and things along those lines that everybody else does and we just want to help.”

Community members build relationships with CPD officers

Holly McGee wants Columbia police officers to know she has their backs. That’s why she and a group of her fellow veterans started a petition to get blue shields painted on the curbs of her neighborhood. The shields would indicate to patrolling officers that residents are willing to step up if the need arises, she said. It’s also why McGee was one of four community members who showed up Wednesday for “Coffee with a Cop” at Chick-fil-A on North Stadium Boulevard.

Area Police Try Sweeter Approach

Lebanon police recently outfitted a cruiser to mimic an ice cream truck, and will be handing out ice cream to children throughout the summer in what they say is an effort to promote community policing.

Lebanon police sweeten the deal with ice cream patrol

Imagine as a child you are at the park on a hot summer day with your parents when you hear the sound of an ice cream truck, but instead it’s a police cruiser on ice cream patrol and out of the back police officers pull out a small freezer and start passing out free popsicles and ice cream cups.

WYSO Curious Looks At Racial Gap In Local Policing

A few Fridays ago, the Dayton Police hosted “Coffee with a Cop” at a restaurant on North Main Street called Benjamin’s the Burger Master. Major Eric Henderson is one of those cops. He’s also an African-American officer who saw law enforcement as a positive influence at an early age.

Tuesday coffee topics range from traffic to drug abuse

Mid-block U-turns are legal in Nebraska. Marijuana is legal in Colorado, but not in Nebraska. Those were some of the snatches of discussion during the “Coffee with a Cop” session at Sehnert’s Bakery in downtown McCook Tuesday morning.

Local Starbucks hosts ‘Coffee With A Cop’ event

Twin Cities law officers and citizens have found a way to connect at a place that’s low-pressure, but high energy. Starbucks, off of Forsyth Park, hosted ‘Coffee With A Cop’ Wednesday afternoon to give police and customers a chance to get to know one another.

Camp Verde deputies to use radars in school zones, Marshal says

School starts Monday at Camp Verde Unified School District. But the Camp Verde Marshal’s Office has gone back to school a bit earlier, says Marshal Nancy Gardner. Elementally speaking, CVMO has its collective radars out, and Gardner says that the technology will be in use to make sure deputies are keeping the streets safe both at and around town’s schools.